Types of cuckold

Classic Cuckolding:

The Hotwife engages in intimate relationships with another man while her partner watches.


A variation where a woman watches her male partner with another woman.

BDSM Cuckolding:

Includes elements of domination, submission, humiliation, and control.


The male (“cuck”) participates in bisexual interactions with the hotwife and her lover.

BBC Cuckolding(bbc cuckold):

Focuses on relationships with a black lover.

Gangbang Cuckolding:

The Hotwife is involved in sexual acts with multiple partners at once.

Digital Cuckolding:

Cuckolding experience carried out online, for example, through webcams, social media, or dedicated websites.

Cuckolding with Audience Elements:

Couples share their experiences with an audience, often online or through videos.

Femdom Cuckolding:

The wife or girlfriend dominates her man, introducing femdom elements into cuckolding.

Reverse Cuckolding:

The man engages with other women, and his partner is dominated and submissive.

Interracial Cuckolding:

Involves various combinations of races and ethnicities, not just limited to BBC.

Clean-Up Cuckolding:

The “cuck” is obligated to “clean up” after the sexual act between his hotwife and her lover.

Voyeur Cuckolding:

The “cuck” primarily focuses on watching his hotwife, without physical interaction with her or her lover.

Audio Cuckolding:

The “cuck” listens to his hotwife with another man but is not visually present.

Sissy Cuckolding:

The “cuck” is feminized and may be forced to wear women’s clothing or makeup.

Cuckolding Humiliation:

The element of humiliation is heavily emphasized, where the “cuck” can be verbally or physically humiliated.

Stag and Vixen:

A variation where the man (“stag”) takes pleasure in sharing his partner (“vixen”) other men, but there are no elements of humiliation.

Forced Cuckolding:

Scenarios where the “cuck” is forced to watch his partner with another man, often with elements of BDSM.

Alpha Cuckolding:

The “cuck” still maintains a dominant role in the relationship but allows his partner to engage with other men.

Soft Cuckolding:

The couple explores cuckolding but without physical interaction; it can include flirting, talking, or texting with other people.

Creampie Cuckolding:

The “cuck” interacts with the hotwife after the sexual act with the lover, often “cleaning up” after him.